Slow Release Fertiliser Tablets

Continuous slow release of nutrients for 2-3 years

Use slow release fertiliser tablets for your: Landscaping, Orchard, Revegetation Project, Vegetable Garden.

Putting slow release fertilizer tablets in the hole when you plant increases growth rates. Trees and shrubs need the roots to get established so they can get moisture and nutrients. A well established root system can make the dif-ference between success and failure when the summer comes and the ground dries out. It also helps a great deal in windy areas as the roots will anchor the plant down better.

In the vegetable garden put slow release tablets in with plants like tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkin, beans, capsicum and egg plant to get a long and large crop. It is also great for other vegetables to increase their size.

For existing trees and shrubs make a spade cut near the plant and push in 1-2 tablets. For large trees make several cuts.

Simply place the fertiliser tablets in the hole near the roots when planting.

Small size plants (under 40cm high): 1-2 tablets.
Medium size plants (40cm to 1m): 2-5 tablets.
Large size plants (over 1m): 5 plus tablets.

Slow release tablets typically contain: Nitrogen 20.00%,
Phosphorus 4.00%,
Potassium 4.00%,
Sulphur 2.00%, Magnesium 2.00%,
Calcium 1.50%,
Boron 0.06%,
Copper 0.10%,
Iron 0.75%,
Manganese 0.25%,
Zinc 0.25%

The tablets weigh 10 grams and last 2-3 years in the ground. The 10kg box has 10 1kg bags (like in the  picture) so approximately 980 tablets in them.