Potsorb Crystal Rain Gel

Potsorb is a non-toxic crystal which swells when in con-tact with water. In the horticulture industry it is used for putting in the ground when planting, particularly when planting during summer or in dry areas or sandy soil. You can even add liquid fertiliser to the water before you put in the dry crystals.

Sono Tapetool

Sono Tapetool

Used for tieing plants to bamboo stakes, grape vines to wires and great for tieing tomatoes. The tape tool very quickly ties up vines such as grapes and ties plants to stakes. It is fast and efficient saving money and time. You can bamboo stake and tie a plant in seconds.

Index of Plant Names

This is by no means a full list of all NZ plant names but is a list of many of the Native plants in cultivation listed. Some Maori names have several different species listed such as Akeake. Some of the names are from the days of the settlers and are no longer used but still exist in old books. Maori names of some plants vary between North Island and South Island such as Mapau in the North Island and Matipo in the South Island.

Plant Books Worth Reading

To learn more about New Zealand native plants, there are lots of books worth reading. You will find such things as how European pioneers used them, how to grow them and the animals which feed on them and about their Maori cultural significance, including medicinal uses. Many native trees have Maori myths attached to them.