3 in 1 Guard: Rabbits, Spray & Wind

Protect your valuable plants and hard work from being destroyed by grazing rabbits & hares, accidental over-spray or spray drift or being battered and stunted by wind.

Protection from Rabbits & Hares

There are only a few plant species which are unpalatable to rabbits & hares. Place a 3 in 1 Guard around the plant to prevent damage.

Protection from Spray

With the plant in the 3 in 1 Guard the plant is easier to see and so reduces the chance of accidentally spraying straight over the top of it and stops spray drift onto the smaller plants.

Protection from Wind

Whilst not the primary purpose or design of this product the benefits of wind protection for young, small plants is certainly an added
bonus. In areas of extreme wind it is recommended to also use wind break as a first barrier (e.g. along a fence line).

Notes: Leaf Burn – During summer there can be some leaf burn where leaves are in contact with the plastic on some species. However considering the alternative of either spraying or having the plant eaten it is a minor downfall. Hares – in same cases, particularly where there are food shortages, hares will stand on hind legs to graze up to 60cm in which case the guard simply stops the plant being eaten to the ground.


After planting the plant simply place the plastic sheath over it. Push 3 bamboo canes through the plastic sheath, piercing it at the base and forming a triangle around the plant.