2020 Fruit Trees Updated 14/08/2020

It’s that time of the year again when we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this years new season fruit trees. 2020 has already shown us the value in having a home vege garden and now you can round it off with fresh delicious fruit straight from the tree.

The first shipment of trees, expected to arrive at the end of June, with more trickling in over the following weeks.

Fruit trees – Deciduous, available 2020        

Prices – (unless stated otherwise)

Bagged trees in shop –  from $50 each, or pre ordered 5 for $225 (Standard $50 grade ones)



All In One – Heavy crops of soft-shell nuts with sweet, flavourful kernels. This variety can be grown in Northern areas as it needs less winter chilling than other selections but needs a hot summer to ripen. Frost hardy. Semi dwarf – 4.5m. Self-fertile

Garden Prince – Grows to a maximum height of 1-1.5m and spread of 1-2m. Garden Prince is a low chill variety so is well suited to the drier northern areas of the country. Self-fertile $55


Apples – rootstocks explained – dwarf EM9/M27, small MM102, med MM106/M116/M26, large M793

Some apples are self-fertile, some are not. You may need to buy a suitable pollinator. Crab apples work well as pollinators.

Adore – Tasty, crisp and juicy. Ripens April and stores well for 2-3 months. Black spot resistant so is very easy to grow and is perfect for organic growing. Self-fertile. MM106 $55 OUT OF STOCK

Apple Ballerina Waltz – Medium to large round-conical fruit with a solid red skin on areas exposed to the sun. Crisp and juicy with a slight tang. Suitable for eating fresh, drying and cooking. Ripens April. Columnar tree habit, growing to 3-4m tall by 30cm wide.   $55

Braeburn –ripens late March, Self-fertile EM9, MM102, MM106 OUT OF STOCK

Coxs Orange Pippin – A sweet apple with rich and nutty flavoured flesh that is very aromatic, making this older variety still a hugely popular apple. Pollinate with Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith. Ripens Jan to March. M27

Egremont Russet – Egremont Russet is a self-fertile heritage apple. The fruit has a thick and distinctive olive skin with sweet, nutty, firm flesh. The tree has an upright, compact habit so is suitable for container growing. Ripens April.

Fuji – ripens late march, stores well, pollinate with Granny smith.  EM9, MM102.

Golden Delicious – Ripens late Autumn, Self-fertile. MM102, M793.

Granny Smith – Good for eating or cooking, ripens April. Self-fertile EM9, MM102, MM106, M793 OUT OF STOCK

Harold Red Delicious –   NZ selection of Red Delicious ripens autumn. Pollinate with Golden Delicious MM102, MM106

Lady in pink/Pink lady– ripens April, pollinate with Granny smith, Fuji EM9, MM102, MM106 OUT OF Stock

Monty’s surprise – Disease hardy tree, with large fruit, pollinate with Pink lady, Golden delicious, Ripens late season. EM9, MM102, MM106 OUT OF STOCK

Pacific Rose – Firm, crisp and juicy flesh. Ripens mid-season. Pollinate with Pink lady, Golden delicious, Granny Smith.  MM102, M793

Peasgood Nonsuch – A large juicy fresh eating apple. This versatile apple cooks to a sweet and delicately flavoured puree, bakes well and makes a great addition to salads. Ripens April/May. Self-fertile variety. MM106

Royal Gala –  Creamy, fine textured flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy, Royal Gala is regarded as one of the world’s finest apples. Pollinate with Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Red Delicious OUT OF STOCK

Ripens Feb-Mar EM9, MM102, MM106, M793

Splendour – Creamy very crisp flesh, ripens late. Self-fertile. EM9, MM102, M793

Thumbelina Candy Crunch – Produces heavy crops of bite-sized apples that kids love.  The fruit is ripe in May. Sweet, crisp and juicy fruit with bright red skin. Pollinate with candy crunch or crab apples. 2m tall. $55

Thumbelina Golden Crunch – producing heavy crops of bite-sized apples that kids love.  Ripens May/June. Sweet, crisp and juicy fruit with golden yellow skin.  Pretty white and pink spring blossoms. Pollinate with candy crunch or crab apples. 3m Tall $55


Double Grafted Apples

Red and Golden Delicious   $80 Ripens May

Golden Delicious: Produces very sweet honey flavoured fruit, especially when tree ripened. This self-fertile variety crops regularly and heavily late in the season. Apples ripen yellow. It produces on both tips and spurs.

Red Delicious: Red Delicious is a heart-shaped fruit with a striking bright red skin that is sometimes striped. The flesh is crunchy and very juicy with a mild, sweet flavour.



Apple Cider

Kingston Black – A late season cider apple that produces dark red fruit and makes a bitter-sweet juice. Plant in a sunny position with soil that is fertile, moist but free-draining. Partially self-fertile. Suitable pollinators include Braeburn and Golden Delicious. MM106

Mother in Law – Popular for cider making due to its sharp taste. Green-bronze skin with a red blush ripening around March-April.

Slack Ma Girdle – Heritage Apple. Medium sized flattish fruit with yellow-green skin with bright red streaks. The flesh is extremely sweet and tender and can be used for cooking, fresh eating, or cider blending.


Apple Crab

Arrow Gold – 1.5M std. Large, clear, lemon-coloured fruit are borne on horizontal branches, creating a spectacular display from autumn into winter. Great for birds or crab-apple jelly. Attractive pale pink flowers, fading to white. Makes an attractive espalier specimen. 4m OUT OF STOCK

Ballerina – A small, upright tree with large, frilly, double-pink scented blossoms in spring, which fade to white. Showy large orange-coloured fruit make great jelly. Semi-cascading branches make this a very attractive tree. 4m

Ecthermeyer 1.5 std. A graceful, weeping tree with bronze leaved pendulous branches that are covered in masses of rose crimson flowers in spring, followed by decorative reddish-brown fruit. 2.5 x 3m

Floribunda – Strong growing small tree which can be trained to form a horizontal canopy of arching branches. In early spring, a mass of crimson red buds open to white flowers with a hint of pink. Small orange crab apples develop over autumn. 3 x 3m available in Low worked and 1.5m std.

Gorgeous – 1.5m std. Good spring blossom later followed by an impressive and long display of crimson red fruit. Excellent for jellies and preserves and to attract the birds. Small, upright and open tree – the tree form will start to spread once mature. 4 x 3m

Jack Humm – The single white blossom in spring is followed by large shiny red ‘apples’ that stand out on the bare branches right through winter.  3 x 2m

Plena – One of the most ornamental crabapples. Large, double, soft-pink, fragrant blossoms with orange and red autumn foliage. Bears small numbers of greenish-yellow fruit. Small vase shaped tree. 4m

Prairifire – Disease-resistant. Has dark purplish-red flowers that completely smother the tree. The leaves emerge as deep red-purple, and mature to a dark tawny green for the summer season. In autumn the foliage changes to an outstanding orange, and it has shiny, red to purple fruit. Tree habit is upright to spreading, so makes a great avenue or street tree. 5 x 4m

Profusion – Masses of deep wine-red, single fragrant flowers followed by small red fruit. Flowers at early age. 4m

Red Jade 1.5m std. A weeping crab apple with blush white flowers and bright green foliage on cascading branches. Has clusters of small brilliant red fruit late summer till early autumn. 2 x 2m

Wright’s Scarlet – A superb Crab-apple bred in NZ and named after Mr Hayward Wright. Beautiful white blossom in spring followed by a plentiful supply of large crimson fruits that hold on the tree through winter. Wine coloured summer foliage. Prefers a sunny well drained position. 3 x 3m


Apricots – All suitable for growing in Northlands warmer conditions.

Fitzroy – Consistent crops of medium sized sweet and juicy golden fruit that ripen around February.  Self-Fertile. OUT OF STOCK

Garden Annie – Good sized bright yellow fruit that are firm and juicy as well as being semi-freestone. A highly ornamental tree that is semi-dwarf, so is well suited to home gardens especially in the warmer areas of the country. Ripens Dec. Self-fertile OUT OF STOCK

Katycot – Katy Cot is a large, flavourful freestone apricot. Tree ripened fruit are incredibly good eating and ripen December. Self-Fertile.

Royal Rosa – Has sweet, firm, golden fruit with a yellow skin just blushing red. Late Dec/Jan Self-fertile OUT OF STOCK

Trevatt – Large, sweet, juicy, golden yellow fruit ripens January. Perfect for eating as well as bottling. Self-fertile OUT OF STOCK 



Compact Stella – Heavy and regular bearer of large dark red fruit of heart shape.  Tree is smaller growing (3m) and hardy. Ripens Dec. Self-fertile OUT OF STOCK

Lapins– This heritage variety of Cherry is one of the largest and juiciest with firm dark red fruit that are sweet and delicious. Good resistance to skin splitting and a reliable producer. Fruits in warmer areas of New Zealand, ripening January. Self-fertile.


Nectarines – on a peach rootstock, good for lighter soils. All Self-fertile.

Firebrite – A medium to large sized fruit that has dark red blush over golden yellow skin and sweet, juicy flesh. Excellent for eating fresh. Early season.

Flatto Button Bright – Produces large crops of sweet, tasty, yellow-fleshed fruit in Jan/Feb. The fruit weighs between 100-140g each. $55

Mabel – Burgundy purple foliage. Stunning pink blossoms in spring are followed by delicious, sweet purple skinned nectarines in February. Very leaf curl resistant and suitable for all regions in New Zealand. Grows to 3.5m x 3m. $55

Mayglo – Bright red skin and pale yellow flesh. Good flavour, firm and juicy. A vigorous tree that is heavy cropping. Ripens Nov/Dec OUT OF STOCK

Queen Giant – Very attractive large fruit with red and cream skin, ripens Jan. Very sweet pure white tender flesh. Freestone.

Redfree – Has bright red skin and sweet, juicy, yellow flesh with a fine texture and excellent flavour. Fruit ripens in mid to late January. Semi-clingstone.

Redgold – Large, sweet flavour, red skin, yellow flesh, free stone, Ripens Feb.

Snow Queen – Creamy-white firm flesh with deep red skin.  Great eating, large and freestone. Ripens Jan/Feb

Springred – Large fruit with an attractive glossy red skin. Inside the flesh is sweet, juicy and golden with a lovely flavour. Ripens early.

Tasty Gold – Large freestone fruit with red skin, and yellow flesh with an excellent texture and taste. Ripens Jan.



Peaches – on a peach rootstock, good for lighter soils. All Self-fertile

April White – A delicious white firm fleshed large peach that has an attractive pink blush.  High resistance to Leaf Curl.  Heavy cropper, Feb.

Blackboy – Port wine skinned, medium sized fruit with wine red melting flesh.  A popular variety for eating fresh and bottling.  Good home garden tree. Ripens Feb

Flatto Sweet Bonnet – Produces large crops of sweet, tasty, yellow-fleshed fruit in early-mid February.

Flatto Sweet Cap – A white fleshed variety with excellent flavour.  The fruit has a very small stone. Ripens late January to mid-February.

Golden Grace – Prolific crops of medium sized red blushed fruit in mid-season. Flesh is yellow, very sweet, low acid and juicy. Clingstone. Well suited to the warmer areas of the country. Spreading tree. Ripens Jan. $55

Golden Queen – A true favourite for bottling and an excellent eater. Firm deep orange flesh and deep yellow-orange skin. Fruit is slightly flat. Clingstone. Ripens Feb.

Gordon’s Glory – Clingstone peach with similar flesh and flavour to Golden Queen. Very productive. Chosen for its resistance to Leaf Curl. Ripens March.

Hiawatha – Greenish-burgundy foliage. Fruit has purple skin and orange, sweet and juicy flesh. Excellent eating.  Ripens mid-season and a good regular cropper. Hardy.

Healy’s Peacherine – A cross between a peach and a nectarine. Sweet and juicy yellow fleshed fruit with red/blush skin. Medium to large fruit which is smooth and fuzzless, like a nectarine. Clingstone. Ripens Feb.

Maycrest – This peach has firm yellow flesh and a good juicy flavour. It has bright red skin over a yellow background. Medium size. Ripens Dec. OUT OF STOCK

Paragon – Sweet, yellow juicy flesh and yellow skin. Clingstone. Regular and heavy cropper, ripens Jan/Feb OUT OF STOCK

Peachcot – Very sweet and tasty flesh with a firm, meaty texture. An attractive red blush on the skin develops on the sun-exposed side of the fruit. Ripens Dec/Jan

Redhaven – Firm, yellow fleshed medium to large fruit. Excellent flavour. Freestone and mid-season. Consistent and proven performer.

Wiggins – White juicy flesh with superb flavour. Ripens Jan.



Pear Nashi

Hosui – Midseason, pollinate with Nijiseiki $55

Nijiseiki – Heavy bearer, midseason, pollinate with Hosui. $55




Most need a pollinator                                                                                                                              

Rootstocks BA29High yielding, drought tolerant, QuA – semi dwarfing, QuC – Dwarfing

Bell de Jumet – Pale gold-green skin, often flushed red and melting, very juicy and sweet flesh. Good regular cropper ripens in Feb. Self-pollinating. Qua, QuC OUT OF STOCK

Beurre Bosc – Large fruit that is melt in your mouth delicious. Ripens Feb/Mar. Stores well. Pollinate with Doyenne du Comice, Taylors Gold, Winter Cole, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. QuA, QuC

Concorde – Has a tall, long neck, firm dense flesh with golden green skin. Its vanilla-sweet flavour and firm texture holds up well in cooking and it’s a great snacking pear. Pollinate with Doyenne du Comice, Conference and Willian Bon Chretien. Ripens mid-March onward.  QuA, QuC

Conference – Long necked green fruit with some russeting and good juicy flavour. Ripens April. Partially self-fertile.  Pollinate with Packhams Triumph. QuA, QuC

Doyenne du Comice – Large Classic gourmet pear. Green skin flushed red with white, juicy flesh, rich flavour.  Mid to late season.  Frosts needed to set fruit. Pollinate with Beurre Bosc, Winter Cole, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. QuA, QuC

Packhams Triumph – All-purpose variety. Large fruit. Heavy and reliable bearer. Ripens April. BA29, QuA, QuC OUT OF STOCK

Starkrimson – Stunning crimson skinned pear, which looks very striking on the tree at maturity. A large pear, with fine-grained flavourful flesh. Pollinate with Conference, Packham’s Triumph, Williams bon Chretien and Winter Nelis.  Ripens Feb/Mar. QuA, QuC

Taylors Gold – Great flavour, Ripens Mar. Pollinate with Beurre Bosc, Winter Cole, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. QuC

Williams Bon Chretian – Large long necked, green-yellow fruit, that is ideal for eating and bottling. Good pollinator. Pollinate with Beurre Bosc, Doyenne du Comice, Taylors Gold, Winter Cole, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. Ripens Feb/Mar BA29, QuA, QuC

Winter Cole- Splendid late season variety (May) that keeps well for winter eating. Reliable and prolific fruiter. Vigorous tree habit that is spreading. Pollinate with Beurre Bosc, Doyenne du Comice, Taylors Gold, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki.  QuA, QuC

Winter Nelis– Small green fruit with reddish russet patches. Very hardy but best with a warm site. A good pollinator. Tree habit is sparse and spreading. Ripens in May. Pollinate with Beurre Bosc, Doyenne du Comice, Taylors Gold, Winter Cole, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. QuA, QuC

Worden Seckel – Small gourmet pear. Exceptional flavour with creamy white, sweet juicy flesh. Ideal for home gardens. Partially self-fertile. Pollinate with Packham’s Triumph, Winter Nelis, Nashi Hosui and Nashi Nijiseiki. Ripens April. Qua


Double Grafted Pear Packhams Triumph/Winter Nelis $80

Double Grafted Pear William Bon Chretian/Conference $80

Double Grafted Pear William Bon Chretian/Beurre Bosc $80

Double Grafted Pear William Bon Chretian/Winter Cole $80

Double Grafted Pear William Bon Chretian/Winter Nelis $80



Plums – all on a plum rootstock, suitable for average to heavy clay soils.

Most need a pollinator or do better with a pollinator.

Billingtons Early – Dark red skin and flesh. Crops heavily around Christmas. Good sweet flavour. Self-fertile.

Black Doris – Excellent all-purpose plum. Fruit is of medium size, with purple black skin and dark red sweet, juicy flesh. Ripens Feb. Pollinate with Billingtons, Duff’s Early Jewel, Elephant Heart and Santa Rosa. OUT OF STOCK

Coe’s golden drop – Yellow flesh, yellow skin. Pollinate with Greengage. Ripens March  OUT OF STOCK

Damson – A highly productive variety of small tart oval fruit with blue skin and yellow flesh. Best eaten when fully ripe or used for bottling. ripens Late Jan/Feb, Self-fertile

Doris red – red skin, yellow flesh, prolific fruiter, pollinate with Duffs early or Santa Rosa OUT OF STOCK

Duffs early jewel – ripens Dec/Jan, yellow flesh, red skin, Self-fertile.

Elephant heart – ripens Feb, red flesh, red skin. Pollinate with Santa Rosa, Omega, sultan

Greengage –ripens late Feb, yellow flesh and skin. Pollinate with Coes golden drop. OUT OF STOCK

Hawera – Large, very dark red skin and fleshed fruit.  Freestone, sweet, and juicy. Ripens Feb. Self-fertile.

Lucy – Combines the great flavour, meaty texture and black skin of Fortune with the superb flavour and heart shape of Luisa.  Self-fertile.  Ripens March $55

Luisa – A large yellow-skinned, yellow-fleshed plum with a distinctive heart-shaped fruit. It is amazingly sweet and juicy, and crops heavily. Self-fertile although ‘Billingtons’ can improve fruit set. Almost freestone. Ripens Jan/Feb. OUT OF STOCK

Omega/George Wilson – ripens Feb, red flesh, red skin. Partially self-fertile, pollinate with Santa Rosa, Duffs early, Elephant heart

Plumcot Spring Satin – A plum-apricot cross. Large, red-black skin, gold flesh, sweet and flavoursome. Early season. Semi-dwarf tree growing to 3m Pollinate with Santa Rosa.

Purple King – Ripens Feb, very large purple skinned, yellow fleshed fruit. Pollinate with Sultan, Duffs early

Red Beaut – ripens late Dec/Jan, red skin, yellow flesh, pollinate with Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa – Medium to large purple skinned fruit with yellow flesh. Excellent flavour. Ripens Jan. Self-fertile.

Satsuma – ripens early Dec, red flesh, red skin, partially self-fertile, pollinate with Santa Rosa

Sultan – ripens Dec, red skin, red flesh, pollinate with Santa Rosa, Duffs Early.

Wilsons Early – ‘Xmas plum’ Small-medium fruit, yellow flesh, red skin, partially self-fertile, pollinate with Black Doris, Omega, Billingtons, Santa Rosa


Prune plums

Italian – Dark purple skin with light amber flesh that turns red when cooked. Freestone with fine textured, rich flavour and sweet flesh. Vigorous. Self-fertile, but cross pollination with another plum will give bigger crops. Ripens Feb. $55

Stanley Prune – Prolific producer. Dark blue skinned smaller fruit with sweet and juicy golden flesh. Self-fertile and useful pollinator. Ripens Feb/Mar $55



Pineapple – Ripens mid April, aromatic white flesh with a taste that carries a hint of pineapple. Self-fertile,

Smyrna –   Large-Very large, Pear shaped, Golden yellow, March to April, Self-fertile,

Taihape – Large fruit with smooth yellow colour. Disease resistant. Good for making jams and jellies. Ripens mid-April. Smooth flavour. Self-fertile.


Dwarf/Miniature Fruit trees $55

Apple Blush Babe 60cm Std – Growing to just two metres tall with a mop head habit, this dwarf apple variety produces delicious full sized crispy red fruit.  Good natural disease resistance means little spraying is required and little or no pruning is needed.  Early ripening.

Apricot Aprigold 45cm Std – Bears full size, early season, highly coloured, tangy flavoursome fruit. Grows only to 1.8m. Well suited to the warmer areas of New Zealand. Ripens Dec – Jan OUT OF STOCK

Nectarine Flavourzee 60cm Std – A dwarf nectarine with good sized yellow fleshed fruit. Forms a compact bushy habit. Self-fertile but best with another nectarine or peach in the vicinity. Ripens Feb. OUT OF STOCK

Nectarine Garden Delight 60cm Std – Large juicy freestone fruit with red skin and yellow flesh.  A low chilling requirement makes it ideal for warmer regions. Attractive large pink blossom. Ripens Feb/Mar OUT OF STOCK

Nectarine Nectar Babe 60cm Std – Sweet, yellow, juicy, freestone flesh. Deep pink blossom. Low chilling requirement so good for warmer areas.  Plant with another nectarine or peach to aid pollination. Ripens Feb. OUT OF STOCK

Peach Honey Babe 60cm std – Medium to large fruit with orange, sweet juicy flesh and tangy flavour. Showy pink flowers. Fruits best near other peaches or nectarines for cross pollination.  Ripens Feb. OUT OF STOCK

Peach Pixzee 60cm Std – Large red over orange skinned fruit with delicious, firm, yellow flesh. Freestone. Early to ripen. Vigorous to 1.8m. Ripens Jan. OUT OF STOCK

Pear Garden Belle – Deliciously sweet flavoured fruit with smooth, soft flesh texture, green and mildly russetted skin. Ripens in mid-summer and stores well. The first truly dwarf pear variety in NZ growing to just 3m tall. An attractive tree with white spring blossoms, glossy summer foliage, turning to golden-orange autumn tones. Best planted near another Pear or Nashi variety for cross pollination. Ripens Feb.