Kunzea Little Fox

This little shrub has fine lime green leaves and thin weeping branchlets to form a dense weeping ball with a flat top. It grows quickly to about 50cm where it can be lightly pruned to keep it that size or it can be left to grow to about 1m which would take about 10-15 years. It grows wider than it does high. It has wide range of tolerances in habitat from dry to quite wet, windy, shady, sunny, cold and frosty and coastal. While it is a kanuka it looks nothing like the sort you see on the side of the road or in forest/scrubland. It was selected by Ian Fox (owner of Alter-Natives) and has been PVR’d (like a patent) and released to the market in 2015. It has been widely appreciated by nurserymen and landscapers and thus is being distributed to several countries.